Vale of Leven Site Location

Coriolis Energy and ESB are seeking to develop a wind farm in West Dunbartonshire, called Vale of Leven Wind Farm.

The project is located in the Lomond Ward:


The initial proposals are for 19 turbines

The location is largely within an ‘Area with Potential for Wind Energy Development’ as mapped by West Dunbartonshire Council and we understand the site benefits from good wind speeds.

In addition, the site has the advantage of good access to the local road network for the delivery of components, is in close proximity to the National Grid network and indeed a consumer base in the Clyde Valley.

Turbines are expected to have a maximum tip height of 200m and a capacity of approximately 7 MW, giving a maximum capacity of up to 133MW.

The initial layout has been informed by a number of technical, environmental, planning and commercial factors.  This represents the starting point for the design process and will be subject to revision in light of the environmental surveys we are taking forward and feedback from consultees and local communities.





Approx. 7MW per turbine


Maximum Capacity


Environmental Impact Assessment

We have specialist environmental and technical consultants progressing many of the studies that will make up the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  The information from these studies will be used to develop our proposals and to identify ways in which we may remove, reduce or mitigate any potential impacts.