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4th May 2022: Scoping Opinion request submitted to the Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit (ECU). 

Scoping is undertaken to refine the scope of the assessment of environmental impacts
and ensure that it is robust but focused in its approach on potentially significant effects.
This will be achieved by inviting the Scottish Ministers and consultees to:
• Specify aspects of the environment and issues relating to these that should be
considered and addressed in the EIA (with emphasis on any issues local to the
• Comment on the proposed approach to the EIA;
• Comment on or recommend, where appropriate, assessment methodologies; and
• Highlight other relevant bodies or organisations that may have a vested interest
in the scheme or be able to provide relevant information.

Once the scoping opinion has been received from the ECU, the response will be
analysed, and the relevant points raised therein taken forward and used to inform the
assessment process.